The Gardens of Versailles

One day while we were in Paris, me, Igor and Hélène went to Versailles to see “Les Grandes Eaux Musicales,” the musical water show.  The gardens are so big and beautiful, we didn’t even bother going into the château (plus the line was like 2 hours long, and there was no line to the garden!).  It was definitely worth the trip!  All the fountains turned on and there was classical music playing all around (one song played over and over, that kind of got annoying but it’s pretty funny now.  We even heard a French dad humming it by the end of the day, I guess we’re not the only ones who got it stuck in our heads!).  Some of the fountains even did a little show along to the music:

The fall colors were amazing, the yellow and orange leaves matched the gold of some of the fountains and made it even more stunning.  There were even cats! (See slideshow at the end)

Walking down the gravel paths I couldn’t help but wonder what the gardens would be like without all the tourists, back in the 18th century when Marie Antoinette and her friends could walk around the gardens alone in their big fancy dresses, maybe drinking champagne or gossiping about their lovelives.  It’s such a cool idea, maybe I should make a Marie Antoinette style dress, put some fake birds in my hair, and go back to Versailles and frolic around… Versailles is such a magical place!

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One thought on “The Gardens of Versailles

  1. So nice, and the slideshow is a really good idea. You actually managed to sort out the thousand pictures you took this afternoon, I’m really impressed. =)

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